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Georgios Tsampras serves as instructor of the following courses in the department of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego:

  • Advanced structural analysis (Graduate)

  • Dynamics of Structures I (Graduate)

  • Design of prestressed concrete (Undergraduate)

  • Structural Mechanics III: Vibrations (Undergraduate)

Advanced structural analysis

Graduate course description

Application of advanced analytical concepts to structural engineering problems. Analysis of frame structures using matrix methods and introduction to the finite element method. Displacement-based and force-based beam element formulations. Development of computer programs for structural analysis. Computational applications using MATLAB and Python scripting languages.

  • SE 201A, Fall 2020, TA: Sergio Godinez, 58 students

  • SE201A, Fall 2021, TA: Carlos Mayorga, 57 Students

Design of prestressed concrete

Undergraduate course description

Mechanical properties of concrete and reinforcing material including creep, shrinkage, and stress relaxation. Concept and application of prestressed concrete. Analysis and design of prestressed concrete structures and components including continuous beams and composite construction. Calculation of deflection and prestress losses

  • SE151B, Spring 2021, TA: Amanpreet Singh, 40 Students

  • SE151B, Spring 2022 - TA: Taylor Walsh, 47 Students

Structural Dynamics and Vibrations

Undergraduate and Graduate course description

Single-degree of freedom systems: Formulation of equation of motion, free vibration, harmonic excitation, arbitrary, step, and pulse excitation, numerical evaluation of dynamic response. Introduction to multi-degree-of-freedom systems: Equation of motion, free vibration, natural vibration frequencies, and modes.

  • SE 101C Summer 2021, 16 students

  • SE 203 Winter 2022, 61 students

  • SE 101C Summer 2022, 9 students

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Anonymous comments from Students

  • "Professor Tsampras is one of the best lecturers I have ever had so far."

  • "Overall, a very caring and helpful professor. I have a slightly different learning style from what is presented, but how he taught for his teaching style was very good."

  • "Pro. Tsampras did a great job. The assignments and midterm problems are fun and stimulating."

  • "Professor Tsampras is a really good professor. He is easy to get in contact with and understanding of other classes even though he assigns a lot of work. It seems he really wants his students to actually learn the material first and worry about their grade second."

  • "Thank you so much for all the effort you put into improving the course Professor Tsampras! It did not go unnoticed, and I really appreciated it. Although this course was kind of painful because of the immense workload, in the end I learned a lot. Happy holidays!"

  • "He is very helpful and organized and does a great job of teaching the course. He makes a big effort to ensure all students understand and the material and are happy with the course’s structure. He is very accessible as well if help is needed."

  • "Love being a student in his class. He is highly available outside of class and office hours and very willing to respond to emails when asked for help. I appreciate the accessibility and helpful attitude in assisting students in understanding the material."

  • "The professor really cares about the students understanding the material and encourages us to ask questions during lecture just as much as outside of lecture. He communicates very well with his students. His lectures are more engaging than most other classes I've had to take via zoom. I think he would be a really good in person professor. I liked that he encouraged people to turn on their cameras as well, although I know other students maybe don't have the chance to show their faces during lecture depending on their conditions at home."

  • "A great professor who cares a lot about the students."

  • "He is very patient with the students and very caring too."

  • "Professor Tsampras is a great professor! He is always available to help and provides lots of resources to help the class material. I really appreciated his concern for the students well being and work load. Class examples were helpful and homework prepared well for the midterm exam"

  • "Very kind and understanding professor. He looks out for student's learning during class and provides support throughout the course. He is willing to adapt and adjust the course based on students' needs."

  • "Fantastic professor, a highlight of the masters program at UCSD."

  • "His commitment to the student's engagement with the material was much appreciated!"

  • "He really really encourages you to go and ask him questions and made himself available. He is really helpful to his students."

  • "Explains things very clearly and is very thorough in descriptions of concepts, derivations, and application."

  • "Professor Tsampras, thank you so much for caring for your students and always being available to help and support student learning. I am glad I took this class with you!"

  • "Really organized professor, and easy to follow."

  • "Instructor is very knowledgeable and really shows concern for students' learning."