Seismic response of 9-story Self-Centering Steel Concentrically Braced frame with force-limiting deformable connections

This project focused on the seismic response of a 9-story self-centering steel concentrically braced frame with force-limiting deformable connections between the floors and the braced frame designed using a force-based method discussed here.

Relevant Publications

Tsampras, Georgios. “Force-Limiting Floor Diaphragm Connection for Earthquake-Resistant Buildings.” PhD, Lehigh University, 2016.

Tsampras G., Sause R., Fleischman R. B., Restrepo J. I., Nema A., Zhang Z., Practical force-limiting deformable connections in buildings with rocking base mechanism and limited higher-mode responses. Proceedings of the 12th National Conference in Earthquake Engineering, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Salt Lake City, UT. 2022.